Some Facts, Figures And Observations

Many of the Fire, Flood Restoration, Painting and Carpet Cleaning jobs that homeowners require will quite often be above $5,000.00 and can be done in just a few days.

Today's homes have an average of two and one half washroom plus many more water appliances such as dish washers, ice makers, clothes washing machines etc. All these extra water sources in homes combined with the fact that the homes are getting older each year means there will be more water loss claims from homeowners in the future. The insurance industry will need more qualified companies each year to restore these homes to a pre loss condition.

Each satisfied customer you have has a network of friends, relatives and associates who also have home maintenance requirements.

The aging population often live in and must maintain older homes which require increased maintenance.

Property management companies will often not chance their maintenance to maintenance firms that do not have a strong identity or trusted name..

Realtors often suggest to clients listing homes for sale that they can increase their asking price if certain home improvements are carried out previous to listing their property.

Condominium committees are more likely to acquire the services of a professional national company.

Painting, Carpet Cleaning and Home Repair is an ongoing process with annual requirements for every homeowner. If we "do it right "the first time they will return year after year.

Very few people have the time or the ability to perform all their home maintenance.

Typically to own your own home, two people in the family must be wage earners, which leaves little or no time to perform their own home repairs.

In any given year virtually 100% of homeowners will have to spend up to $1000 on ongoing maintenance.

A clean new truck with national fleet markings and personnel in a recognizable "uniform "with effective communications technology can overcome the natural reservations that many homeowners have of opening their door to a stranger.



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