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Thank you for visiting the BurnMac Services website. If you are really serious about buying a business opportunity that can really change your life, take the time to read our  story.

My name is Bob Burnham, founder and president of BurnMac Services. By the time I was 30 years old I had 600 full and part time employees and did over 6 million dollars in annual sales in the carpet cleaning business.

I sold most of the company in the mid 80’s and ran a smaller Fire, Flood Restoration and Carpet cleaning operation for many years after that. I am not telling you this story to brag and in fact as you read further you will see some highs and lows that you may be able to relate to in your life.

When I sold my company I was making a large amount of money in carpet cleaning, I had, 3 luxury cars, a cabin cruiser that slept six, a beautiful house, vacations and ate at what ever restaurants I wanted. Ah the good life. By the way, putting this down on paper is very cathartic to the soul and I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me.

Anyhow, around the time I was selling my business I met my wife and in the last 19 years of marriage we have had 3 daughters, Shay 17, Lex 7 and Sky who was born this last Christmas eve.

Even though I had made millions in the past as time went on I started to realize that I had an expensive lifestyle. Expensive lifestyles need big incomes and the money I had made wasn’t going to last forever. No problem, I just had to build up another big business again. Or so I thought.

The carpet cleaning business had evolved and all the systems and marketing that had worked in the past weren't working as well any more. It seemed like no matter what I did it just wasn’t working. I tried everything. The harder I tried the more frustrated I became. My expensive life style continued. This was the only lifestyle my family knew and they just didn’t want or know how to cut back.

I felt like I was on a treadmill and the faster I ran the faster the treadmills speed was turned up. I hadn’t really noticed but for several years I had been saying to myself  "no matter what I do it just doesn’t work". Then one day out of nowhere a blinding flash of the obvious came to me. My mantra had been "no matter what I do it doesn’t work". Having a mantra that says nothing works is not conducive to being a successful businessperson.

When I was finally tired of being sick and tired and the noose was closing ever so tightly around my neck a new thought came to me that has truly changed my life for ever more. I’m sure some of you have lived through this or may even still be living this nightmare right now. I don’t wish this on anyone.

What was the new thought that changed my life?

It is so simple and yet so profound that I think we should all be hardwired to think this way, but we are not. Rather than saying "no matter what I try it doesn’t work" I said to myself:

 What do I have to do to make this work?

It was almost like a prayer to my higher power. But what this new question did, was what made me truly rich so that I never had to worry about money ever again. The question “what do I have to do to make this work” became the Holy Grail that catapulted me to the action I needed to build a truly successful service business once again. Halleluiah.

Once I said to myself  “what do I have to do to make this work”? It started me on the greatest most fulfilling journey of my life and I want anyone who wants to get ahead to join me on this quest. You see rather than saying "no matter what I do nothing works" and getting those results, I was now asking the question, “what do I have to do to make it work”?

The Simple System For Creating

Consistent Wealth In Any Service Business . . .

That question lead me to find answers or the Holy Grail that truly changed my life. I started reading all sorts of self-help books, going to seminars and taking courses. I literally read over a thousand books on making my business work. Many weeks I would read over 5 books per week. I spent tens of thousands on training. I read the true master's writings and also some very specialized niche marketing books.

I found trends and I also found wisdoms that have been handed down through the ages. Time tested ways, new ways and never before until now ways of doing business. Wow, it was a whole new world. I took some of this new information I learned and tried it. It worked.

Then I tried more and more things and before I knew it I was on my way back from the treadmill of doom. These are systems and methods that work to produce incredible results. The first time I had my great success I had just ridden the crest of the wave but this time I found what it truly takes to build lasting results and a life my family and I can depend on.

I Truly Never Have To Worry About Money Again.

And You To Can Have That Same Peaceful Feeling.

With A BurnMac Services franchise we show you how. You can Click here for your  Free Report or to find out more about this incredible system you can fill out our Application Form and find out how you can become a BurnMac Services franchisee in your area. Don't delay, as there will only be one franchise in each protected area.

"Make Your House Look New Again With One Quick Call!"

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